Real people vs ideal people

We work with people taking into consideration the complexity, uncertainty, diversity and conflict inherent in human activity, making use of them as engines of change and showing how they can serve your purpose.

Systems vs symptoms

We do not treat symptoms, we find their origin and we work with people to understand, readjust and adapt their system, there by transforming it.

Contextualized vs adapted

To effect real transformation, it is not enough to offer a "solution adapted to the organization".
Our way of intervening treats each case as unique, to be handled in a flexible way in constant contextualization:
current needs, conditions and dilemmas of the team, of the department, of the task and of the organization; its purpose, culture and current situation.

Innovation as a result vs innovation as a product

We are primarily interested in our results (yours and ours).
Our proposal is innovative but we do not sell innovation.
We work with people so that the transformation they lead produces innovation, something new.

To-the-Point vs Powerpoint

We do not believe that you need more theories or models to generate a transformation.
We know that you are experts in your field, with sufficient knowledge and experience.
It is about helping you reframe and manage what already exists in a new way, beyond the obvious.

About the work vs overwork

Our proposals do not increase your workload, instead help you to do:
MORE - DIFFERENT with the same or less effort.

The presence of experience vs selling

Our experienced team participates throughout the whole process, from listening, to evaluation, through to design and execution.
That´s because our approach and practice require broad experience and knowledge.